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Wood Floors Refinishing

There are a lot of reasons that wood floor owners have to re-coat or re-finish their floors.  They can range from floor damage or wear, a desire to change the color of the stain, or to increase (or decrease) the sheen of the floor. Re-finished hardwood floors require the right tools, knowledge and experience to do the job right.  

With over 10 years of experience and using the trade tools and codes, we promise that the results are always the same……AMAZING!  The more understanding you have about the process of refinishing and recoating hardwood floors, the better you will do and the better your floors will look.

Refinishing hardwood floors is an excellent solution to restore distressed or old hardwood flooring. It gives new life to floorings that are discolored or boring, and can removes most stains and damage. In case your flooring continues to be subject to years of heavy foot traffic or you have fallen behind the recoating schedule that is recommended, refinishing is the most economical solution to have your flooring looking its best. Here at Art Wood Flooring Inc, we're dedicated to provide our customers with hardwood flooring refinishing services of exceptional quality in the best costs possible. With years of experience under our sender belts.

We know how to expertly make use of the business's most powerful refinishing techniques for many kinds of hardwood floorings and have over 15 years of expertise working at the wood flooring business. Our hardwood flooring refinishing procedure includes sanding the wood, pulling up any carpeting, vinyl, or linoleum from the wood flooring, stripping and taking precautionary measures to restrict dust; and after that applying stain and three to four layer of poly.  We do use live samples of stain on your floors in order To assist you choose the most effective stain color and finish on your floor.

Wood Floor Refinishing | Los Angeles

Wood Floors Refinishing

The process of completely sanding your wood floor down to the bare wood, then re-staining and coating your floor.  

This may be needed if you have deep scratches or wear patterns that have affected the actual color of the floor.  This process is more detailed and can make your floors look like new by removing deep scratches.

Wood Floor Refinishing | Los Angeles

Wood Floors Recoating 

The process of lightly screening or abrading the top (protective) layer of your floor and adding a new coat of polyurethane or water base finish.  This process is the simple and most cost effective way to make your floors look like new.  We recommend that wood floor owners use the re-coating process before their floors get worn or damaged too bad

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